Charlie has been practicing physical therapy for over twenty years. He specializes in running/triathlon related injury, biomechanics, and manual techniques. CLICK HERE and Charlie will tell you all about it.
The cost for a physical therapy session is $105. CLICK HERE for scheduling information.
Customized training for a broad range of individuals. Examples include competitive age groupers, newbies, menopausal athletes, and desk jockeys. 
RUN COACHING: $200 first month for onboarding, then $150 each month after.
TRIATHLON COACHING: $225 initial month for onboarding, then $175 each month after.
CYCLING COACHING: $200 initial month for onboarding, then $150 each month after.
Coaching services include:
-Personalized training plan utilizing the Training Peaks platform
-Custom race planning
-Technique/form guidance
-Cross training
-Nutrition advice
-Unlimited contact with your coach via text, email, and phone.
Email Coach Charlie today! [email protected]


Clinical Running Assessment:
Evaluation of a runner’s mobility, stability and strength paired with video analysis. The goal is to optimize an athlete’s running efficiency and reduce injury risk. PRICE: $150
Bike Fitting:
Comprehensive road or tri-bike fitting to optimize performance and comfort. PRICE: $150
General Movement Assessment:
Do you feel stiff and/or weak during your training? This comprehensive movement assessment will get to the bottom of that for you! PRICE: $150
CLICK HERE for scheduling information