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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Went in to see Charlie about problems with a re occurring injury since high school. He explained what the problem is on why I keep spraining my ankle and why my Achilles’ tendon injury is still bothering me when I run. He showed me the proper therapy needed to resolve my problems. Charlie is a great listener and he takes a great amount of time explaining. Which is just what I was looking for in seeking therapy. I highly recommend Cadence Physical Therepy to anyone who wants to recover and seek better training on running! Great experience.


I was recommended initially to Charlie B. for physical therapy for an injury and he was so easy to talk to, actually cared about my health, and helped me heal. I started to come to him for training and he has helped me reach numerous goals with my running! I appreciate his “real life” approach to my running, he knows everyone isn’t going to run a 7 minute mile and never makes me feel like my best isn’t good enough.


I first met with Charlie in June to discuss my goals of improving my half-marathon performance. I thought I was there for a quick consultation but he spent an hour and a half with me. He is VERY thorough and answered all of my questions. Since then, he’s been putting together weekly workout plans for me, and he’s a great resource when I run into a nagging injury or just need guidance on how to stretch properly. I HIGHLY recommend Cadence to anyone who needs help with an injury or just wants to reach some sort of race goal. Charlie is awesome!

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