Quick demo of checking IT Band mobility

  • Dynamic warm up

    Most runners don't spend enough time warming up prior to running. This 2 minute routine is helpful to get the soft tissues and joints moving for injury prevention and improved efficiency.

  • Demo of IASTYM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization)

    This is a great technique to mobilize restricted or fibrotic soft tissue (fascia, muscle, etc) post injury.

  • Hip and ankle stability exercise

    This is a great retraining exercise focusing on lateral hip and ankle stability. Note the use of a pillow to increase the challenge. You can also close your eyes to progress.

  • Hip swing phase and plyo push off/landing phase

    2 good drills to work on swing phase, stance phase and eccentric loading of the running motion. See cadencept.net for more info on our treatment of running related injuries

  • Quick demo of checking IT Band mobility

    Here is a quick demonstration of checking the mobility of the IT band, the test is called Ober's test and it gives me an indication on the overall mobility of the IT Band as it passes over the lateral hip and knee. IT band friction syndrome is a common issue in runners and walkers.

  • Shoulder joint mobilization

    Very effective technique in helping shoulder mobility for a stiff and/or painful shoulder.

  • Single leg stance on pillow with arm and knee swing

    Work on proper arm swing and smooth motions.

  • Slight Hop

    To work on "push off" phase of running, Only a slight hop, be smooth with symmetrical arm swing.

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