Insurance And Other FAQs

Why don’t you bill insurance and what are your rates?

Insurance is not filed because my treatment model does not fit with the insurance-based physical therapy model. Treating multiple patients at one time and using technicians doesn’t allow me to achieve the results I desire. Insurance based clinics are forced to do this because insurance companies reimburse about HALF of what is billed.

Plus, I believe my hands are the best tools vs. ultrasound, e-stim, and other modalities. With insurances dictating the treatment, the patient suffers. I refuse to allow that to happen at Cadence Physical Therapy and Wellness. Finally, I don’t think patients should pay to come and perform exercises they can do independently after instruction. Read some testimonials here. We will provide you with a detailed receipt that will allow you to submit a claim to your insurance. You often can get some reimbursement returned to you. Call your insurance and ask about your “Out of Network benefits” for Physical Therapy.

Due to the length of my treatment sessions, my treatment model often times produces quicker results (and less cost) compared to an insurance based PT clinic, hence, less time and money for you. A Physical Therapy session is $95. Sessions are one hour with me and me only.

Cadence does accept Health Saving Account and Flexible Spending cards.

Do I need to see my doctor to come see you?

-No you don’t. Arizona has what is called Direct Access. The state realizes the importance of being able to access a physical therapist for musculoskeletal injuries. It’s our expertise. If I feel you need to see your physician, I most definitely will refer you.

Do you only treat athletes and runners?

-My practice includes mainly active folks, but this doesn’t mean only athletes. To most people getting back to everyday activities (gardening, yard work, etc) is important. To some, it’s getting back to hiking, or running, or football. So really, it depends what your goal is...that’s what Cadence is targeting.

What is this “manual therapy” stuff?

-When a person becomes injured (gradual onset or traumatic) the soft tissues including muscle, fascia, tendon, along with joint motion can become tight and painful. Manual therapy is aimed at restoring normal joint and soft tissue mobility and reducing pain using skilled methods. Soft tissue mobilization, joint manipulation, and muscle energy techniques are examples of what Cadence uses.

What does a typical session look like?

-Likely different to what you’ve had at other PT clinics. I take a holistic approach. The private, one-on-one session will be about 60 minutes. It will include a very thorough evaluation and utilization of my manual therapy techniques (see my “Physical Therapy” section). In addition, I will be instructing you in specific exercises to correct muscle imbalances, increase joint mobility or stabilize an area. I don’t waste your time having you perform exercises you can do at home or your fitness center.
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