27Sep 2016

Do you know how the Achilles tendon got its name? Google it, I won’t bore you with details 😉 It’s safe to say that it can be a vulnerable spot for runners.  It makes up approximately 25-30% of running related injuries.  Why is this?  Let’s take a look… It gets loaded a LOT — Probably […]

04Jan 2015

I think more than ever folks are in-tune with “value.” But do they consider it with their health care? What is the most important part of a visit with your health care practitioner (HCP)? Are they on time? Do they spend time with you? Do they explain your treatment, give great treatment, and give you […]

31Dec 2014

A common scenario I deal with as a PT specializing in runners:  Said runner started feeling pain, kept running,  tried new shoes, kept running.  Pain got worse.  Stopped running.  Took Ibuprofen and iced…got a little better,  started running…started hurting. Do you get the idea?   The conversation goes like this: PT: “Hi Jon, what brings you […]

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