“My first visit with Charlie was amazing. His technique is gentle, yet effective. He spent over an hour with me and really got to know my history and how much I had suffered with my pain…..”  -Dan O.


“Charlie made me feel right at home and more like I was a friend that he was concerned about rather than a patient. He was very thorough in his exam and asked enough questions to really understand my injury and needs” -Kris L


Do you suffer from pain and stiffness?    Have you resigned yourself to living with limitations and medication?  You may have tried other forms of treatment (including other Physical Therapy) with no success and are considering surgery or more injections? Are you an athlete who has lost that edge due to frequent injury?

Did you know in Arizona you have Direct Access to a Physical Therapist and you have the right to choose your Physical Therapist?

We understand that it can be frustrating being stuck in the patient “mill”.  You want more than 10-15 minutes with your medical practitioner and you want results that last.  

That has been hard to find…..until now.   

Your Physical Therapy solution for Glendale, Peoria and NW Phoenix AZ.   Cadence Physical Therapy and Wellness.  Click on the here for more details.  Or call 602-708-9044 to start getting back into the rhythm of life!